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Based near Wahoo, NE
Licensed in Nebraska, Iowa, and Virginia

About Us

We are a wholesale broker representing a variety of lenders offering competitive rates with low closing costs. We offer Conventional, FHA, VA, USDA, and Non-QM loans for both purchase and refinance transactions. Common Non-QM loan products include bank statements in lieu of tax returns, DSCR (debt service coverage ratio), and assets-as-income.

Our main lender is Rocket Mortgage, formerly Quicken Loans. Because we do not charge a large broker fee, you will save a lot going through us compared to their retail side. You will also be supporting a locally owned small business!

We offer financing on condominiums, townhouses, single family homes and up to 29 unit multi-family homes. We currently do not offer financing on manufactured housing, construction loans, bridge loans, or hard money loans.

5 Years of Experience

Meet the Team

Picture of the founder of Honest Mortgages, Inc.

Joshua Bassan


I moved to greater Omaha, NE on June 1, 2021 from Northern Virginia. I worked remotely for my cousin Samuel Bassan’s company, Innovative Mortgage Group in Lakewood, CO, from February 2016 through December 2018, and again since February 2020.

Honest Mortgage, Inc. is my own company, but please look up the online reviews (mostly Google, but also Yelp , Lending Tree, and Redfin) for Innovative Mortgage Group in Lakewood, CO. Plenty of them mention me specifically, and my cousin Sam and I have worked hard to build a good reputation.

To continue my personal history: I had moved to Washington, DC in 2001 to attend Georgetown University, earning a BA in Chinese, and then hopped the Potomac River to live in Virginia upon graduation in 2005. I was born and raised in the 50th State, on an orange orchard on the island of Hawaii. As I spent my adult life on the mainland and got more familiar with the regional differences, I found myself drawn to the Midwest. I read great things about Omaha specifically and visited in January before deciding to move. I’m very excited to be here now, and look forward to staying for some time to come!

Pull my own Credit

This is only if you want to pay about $30 to see your own credit report immediately. This is a hard pull, so it will affect your credit scores. If you would like us to pay the fee to pull your credit (if you close a loan with us, the fee will be charged to you at closing), whether a soft pull for prequalification purposes only, or a hard pull, please click the Secure Loan Application tab and fill out a complete application.

Click here to pull your own credit.

Term Limits

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A portion of revenue goes to supporting my favorite non-profit, US Term Limits. Fighting career politicians in Washington! Please sign their petition.

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